Coronation Campaign

You just cannot have a Mardi Gras Ball without Monarchs! Choosing our ROYALTY is therefore an important part of our fundraising efforts. We award the titles of King and Queen based on one simple criterion: MONEY!

The donors who give the most money are selected as our sovereigns for the evening.  So, if you would like someone to be our MONARCH, just purchase a sponsorship (or 2) and long live your KING and QUEEN!

Who Will Reign?

Mercí to Our Sponsors

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of our sponsors. The Voilà Mardi Gras Ball would not be possible without their generous support!

Please take a moment to acknowledge our partners and make sure to patronize them year-round! Click the logo to learn more about each contributor.

~ Our 2023 Majesty Sponsors ~

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~ Our 2023 Individual Patrons ~

Laura Fisher

Susan & Loren Henry

Shelley & Stephen Buxbaum

Geoffrey Russell

Tara Taylor

Craig Carpenter

Peter Friedman

Shauna McKimmie

Cindy & Gavin McQuiston

Nina Lesavoy

Andrea Szigethy


~ Our 2023 Gift-In-Kind Sponsors ~